What we do

What we do

Our areas of assistance are endless: evangelism, stewardship, personnel deployment, strategic planning, mission development, various types of training; but also land and property issues, tax and building needs.

Whatever the situation, we believe we can help pinpoint and refine energies toward the most effective course of action. And then our job is to provide the connections - with resources or consultants or mentors.  We are also able to provide direct help from within the Kairos Group.

Consultation, Education, Service:  Let us help with a proposal to meet your needs.

Click below to see some ideas about workshops we can offer.


Workshops for Congregations and Groups

Workshops are available for congregations.  We like the idea of several congregations participating together for the good synergism that can develop.  We also work to build mutual accountability.  In these workshop experiences, we hope people will learn, grow, and have a good time.

  • What's a Strategic Plan?  Do We Need a Strategic Plan or Is it Busy work Gone Amok?  Pros and Cons to Help You Decide.
  • Developing Meaningful and Challenging Goals: Five Principles to Consider and Eight Things to Avoid
  • How Good is Your Problem Solving and What Skills Do You Need?
  • Strategies for Taking the Pulse of Your Congregation
  • Ten Top Tips for Conflict Resolution
  • Twelve Working Strategies for Financially Supporting Your Congregation's Mission and Program
  • Seven Different Approaches for the Fall Stewardship Program
  • What Is the Giving Cycle and How it Can Help Your Congregation?
  • Have You Thought about a Community Garden? Information and Materials You Need for a Successful Program
  • Embracing Change: What Leaders Do When They Don't Know What to Do
  • Strategic Planning: How to Get it Off the Ground in Your Congregation
  • Your Building...Being a Landlord: Are Rentals a Financial Asset to Your Program or a Hidden Liability? Pros and Cons to Help You Decide.
  • Evangelism: Some Tips and Tools to Build a Program
  • The Eight Tasks of Change
  • Strategies for Becoming a Presence in the Neighborhood  (Spoiler Alert: Not every idea works but some might be worth a try)
  • Seven Suggestions for Good Communication
  • What Makes a Team Work?
  • The Three Basic Questions a Congregation Can Ask Itself
  • Is Your Congregation"s Governing Board Organized for Mission or Are You Well Organized to Achieve Your Current Results?

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